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Pomanox®: Product made by Probelte Biotecnología, at its plant in Murcia (Spain) by a process protected by patent in Europe (EP1967079B1). In the area of food safety, we have the UNE EN ISO 22000 certifications and at higher level the FSSC 22000, for the production of our pomegranate extract Pomanox®.

Pomanox® is a unique combination of fresh pomegranate polyphenols, which act synergistically, the main ones being α and ß PUNICALAGINS.

Numerous studies in both animals and human volunteers by organizations/institutions such as the CSIC-ICCC, the Institute of Health Research at the University Hospital of La Paz, Queen Margaret University or the Group of Molecular Inflammation at the Murcia Institute of Biomedical Research (IMIB -Arrixaca) suggest that Pomanox®, as part of a healthier lifestyle, can contribute to improving risk factors for cardiovascular health, inflammation and hair health. In addition, a clinical study conducted by the Department of Exercise Physiology at UCAM reached the conclusions that the consumption of Pomanox® slows the arrival of exhaustion in athletes and increases the time to reach ventilatory threshold 2, in both cases by a statistically significant extent.  



Box containing bags of 5 kg of product (3 * 5 kg or 4 * 5 kg).