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Mediteanox®: A product made by Probelte Biotecnología, at its plant in Murcia (Spain) by a process protected by patent in Europe (EP2049458B1) in United States (US8236993) and China (CN101631758B).

In the area of ​​food safety, we have the UNE EN ISO 22000 certifications and at a higher level the FSSC 22000, for the production of our olive extract Mediteanox®.

Mediteanox® is a unique combination of olive polyphenols, among which hydroxytyrosol (HT), a powerful natural antioxidant. The olive polyphenols are the only ingredient, outside the category of vitamins and minerals, with an EU health claim granted for its antioxidant function: "polyphenols present in olive oil contribute to the protection of blood lipids, LDL cholesterol, against oxidative stress". In order to support this statement, the daily intake should be at least 5 mg of hydroxytyrosol and its derivatives in olive oil.



Box containing bags of 5 kg of product (3 * 5 kg or 4 * 5 kg).