Secret to Live®

Probelte Biotecnologíahas a plant in Murcia with its own patented technology to develop Secret to Live®, whose most notable features are:

· It is a Food Supplement made with Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Mediteanox® (extract of olive polyphenols).

· Olive polyphenols are the only ingredient, outside the category of vitamins and minerals, with an EU health claim granted for its antioxidant function:

· “Polyphenols present in olive oil contribute to the protection of blood lipids, LDL cholesterol, against oxidative stress”.

· Product recognized by the Spanish Heart Foundation.

· Secret to live® stands out in the market as the Food Supplement based on EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL with the highest content of hydroxytyrosol, and therefore with unique properties.

· Secret to live® is a patented product: EP2170090 and US9132104.