R & D + i

Probelte, commitment to continuous improvement through R & D + i.


ProbelteBio was born on its own technological base, developed after several years of significant investments in R & D which have resulted in a patented technology, very new and based on the use of green technologies that use physical methods and water only to obtain natural bioactive products from edible fruits present in the Mediterranean diet. Strategically, Probelte Biotechnología has chosen to position itself as a healthy diet specialist, based on the products from the pomegranate and olive, and on its strategic commitment, where performing its own scientific studies of the manufactured products and obtaining evidence of its benefits is a key factor for success, as well as the knowledge of the mechanisms through which the healthy ingredients work. To do this, Probelte Biotecnología S.L. has an in-house R & D + i Department transversely working with the Departments of Quality, Marketing and Production. Probeltebio’s R & D + i labs have the most sophisticated equipment for the development of the most advanced techniques in different disciplines of health sciences. The constant investment in R & D + i allows our professionals to have extensive technical resources for the development of their activities at all times.

Additionally, Probelte has been one of the nine leading companies in the domestic market who participated in the HENUFOOD project researching ingredients and common foods in our diet in order to scientifically demonstrate, through innovative methodologies, their beneficial health properties for the Spanish population. The HENUFOOD consortium has made a total investment of 23.6 million euros. Pomanox and Mediteanox, manufactured by Probeltebio, are being studied in collaboration with the University Hospital La Paz and the Catalan Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences (ICCC). In short, the R & D + i and the quality certifications have been key factors for Probelte Biotecnología to undertake the process of national consolidation and international expansion. The achievements of our strong commitment to R & D + i: 10 patents granted in various patent offices in the world, 16 scientific publications / clinical studies.