Production plant

At Probeltebio, we have a newly-created production plant, designed by adopting the latest technologies and integrated systems of communication and control of industrial production processes. The new plant is located in the industrial estate La Polvorista in Molina de Segura, in Murcia, with an area of 8000m2. The production plant was designed, planned, developed for the manufacture of food and built in 2010. Requirements as food safety of all elements that might be in contact with the products, security systems and alarm for all equipment that measures CCP (critical control points) or plant distributions

(lay-out) to avoid any risk of cross contamination, were assumed as essential from the moment of conception of the industrial plant.

Operations of extraction, homogenization, separation, purification, concentration, pasteurization, aseptic filling and drying are performed under the highest standards of quality and hygiene and in them we apply our know-how and experience in the processing of pomegranate and olive of Spanish origin.

A qualified professional team and the automated and monitored processes allow us total control of the industrial manufacturing processes as well as obtaining final products of the highest quality.