About us

Welcome to Probelte Biotecnología!

Probelte Biotecnonología is a leading company in the field of natural extracts of pomegranate (Pomanox) and olive (Mediteanox), and its end products such as pomegranate juice (Granadox) and food supplement Secret to Live (made with extra virgin olive oil enriched with hydroxytyrosol). The commitment to natural extracts and biological products based on our in-house technology are the great values that set our company significantly apart. The business strategy at Probelte Bio is based on research, development and innovation, always looking for products and processes that meet the most rigorous scientific principles of sustainability and respect for nature; trying to meet the quality expectations of our customers and the market;

on a solid development of human capital in order to achieve full professional development of its members and on a continuous reinvestment that allows us to have the best technical and human resources to address our future projects. We have a clear focus on products for the following sectors:

· Food Supplements.

· Nutraceuticals

· Cosmetics and Personal Care

· Food and drinks.

· Pharmacy